If shipping personal items to your home from another location, you want to make sure everything goes smoothly and the items arrive safely. Consider how you will drop off and pick up, and how the items should be packaged and shipped.



You will need to make sure your items are securely packed. In addition to your ocean or air shipping methods, there are options as to how your personal effects will be packed. These options should be discussed with your shipping partner so your items are protected from possible damage.

Inquire as to what items will be packed along with your shipment. If packaged items other than yours include sharp objects or dangerous materials, pack accordingly to protect your belongings.

You must also consider dimensional weight when shipping.  Many carriers use this method of weighing packages because it provides a more accurate estimate of how much room is available than by gross weight alone. 环球电竞投注线上 can help you determine the dimensional weight of your package to ensure it meets the carrier’s requirements.

Don’t forget to include insurance when shipping your package.  The insurance coverage should be equal to the value of the items you’re having shipped. If your personal effects are damaged or lost, insurance will reimburse you for the loss.

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Drop Off and Pick Up

When shipping personal effects, one of your first decisions is how you will drop off the items. You can drop them off at your shipping partner or arrange for someone to pick them up from your home or another location. Just make sure you choose a trusted and reputable third party.

There are options regarding delivery. You can have these items delivered to a specific address or you can arrange to have them picked up at the destination. Coordinate these plans at the beginning of your shipment, including appropriate documentation and signature requirements.