There is a lot of time, energy, money and pride that goes into restoring a classic car. That’s why car shipping should be more than just transporting your pride and joy from point A to point B. It’s about providing peace of mind that your classic car will be safely transported and arrive in the same state you left it. 

Before committing to a car shipping company , here are the top three things you should consider when shipping your classic car. 

1) Does your classic car run?

Often, when people think of classic cars, they imagine the sleek curves and shine of the cars of the 50s and 60s. However, like on all of us, 70 years can take its toll on your car. With car shipping, you must take into consideration where your vehicle is in the restoration process. 

If you’re at the beginning, you may only wish to transport the chassis and body, or perhaps it’s almost road-ready but needs a few tweaks to the engine. If so, check with your car shipping company to see if they have the means to transport a car that doesn’t run. If a car shipping company doesn’t, there’s a good chance you may incur additional charges for added labour in its transport.

2) Will your classic car be exposed to the elements during transport or enclosed?

If you put the time and money into restoring a vehicle, the last thing you want to do is risk damaging it in the car shipping process. 

Car shipping with an open car carrier can leave your car at risk of flying debris, which could potentially scratch or tent your pride and joy. At the same time, your vehicle may get dirty from grime, dust and rain, which can make it difficult to assess any damage once it’s reached its destination. 

Be sure to ask your car shipping company how they intend on shipping your vehicle to determine if they can facilitate your needs. 

3) Thoroughly inspect your car before and after shipping.  

To best protect yourself and your classic car, make sure that you conduct a proper inspection and document any nicks, tents or scratches. The best way to document this is to take photographs of the following sections of your classic car: 

  • Full front bumper at a low angle
  • Front bumper passenger side
  • Front passenger-side quarter panel
  • Front passenger door
  • Rear passenger door
  • Full passenger side view
  • Passenger side rear quarter panel
  • Passenger side rear bumper corner
  • Rear bumper
  • Driver side bumper corner
  • Driver side rear quarter panel
  • Rear driver side door
  • Front driver side door
  • Full driver side view
  • Driver side front quarter panel
  • Front driver side bumper corner
  • Hood
  • Roof

Also, have your car checked for any underlying maintenance issues like faulty brakes, leaky fluid lines, or tires that don’t keep air pressure. If possible, address any potential problems to facilitate a smooth car shipping process.  

A Car Shipping Company You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a car shipping company , it doesn’t matter if you’re at the beginning of your car restoration process or are ready to show off your “baby” on the roads, you want to work with someone that you can trust to transport your pride and joy safe and sound. That’s why many car enthusiasts choose 环球电竞投注线上 to ship their classic car. Your baby is our baby, too. 

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