Most of us will move houses and cities at some point in our lives, whether for a new job or simply an exciting opportunity. Sometimes these types of situations send us across the world, to different countries or even different continents. Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to pack all of your belongings in a shipping container, such as moving overseas, it is important that you know the best way to pack and unpack it. 

How To Pack A Shipping Container

A majority of shipping companies will have you pack your shipping container one of two ways: either they will send it to you a few days beforehand to load before it is transported or they will do what is called a live-load where you have a few hours to pack the container while the driver waits. Whatever the method, it is important that you know the best strategy to pack your shipping container in order to be efficient as well as to keep all of your belongings safe.

Before you load anything inside, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly inspect your container. Ensure that there are no holes in the container before you allow the driver to leave, and note any other damage you may notice that could cause problems. 

Then, start packing all of the large and heavy items in the back, such as appliances or big pieces of furniture. Continue loading these heavier items on the floor against the back wall of the container, placing lighter items on top of them as you go. If you have mattresses, pack these along the sides of the heavy items to use as additional cushioning and protection. 

Once you start adding boxes to the tiers, you will want to pack your items tightly so they don’t shift or move during shipment. If there are spaces between your big and small items, use an extra box, blanket, or pillow to fill the gap. Something like bubble wrap can also be utilized. 

A final tip for packing your shipping container is to put a box of things you will need right away at your destination right at the end. Items in this box could include a few toys if you have kids, scissors for opening boxes, and any cleaning materials you might need right away. 

By taking the time to properly pack your shipping container, you will increase your chances that everything will arrive in good shape at your destination. 

How to Unpack a Shipping Container  

Many shipping companies will bring your container directly to your desired location, dropping it off and giving you time to unpack at your leisure. 

Once your shipping container has arrived safe and sound at your destination, the next step will be correctly unpacking it. It is vital that you be careful when the door is opened as many items may have shifted during transport and could fall. 

The easiest way to unpack a shipping container is to simply go backwards from how you packed it: start from the top tier with the lightest items and work your way down and back to the heaviest and biggest items. 

Safe and Secure Shipping for Your Items

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